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On Dragon’s Wings

By Kelly Krogman!

On Dragon’s Wings
Eyes of crimson,
mail of gold.
Mighty Dragon
from Legends old.
The Goddess sheds
a single tear.
Rubies glimmer
flash and sear.
Peal of thunder,
molten light.
tolling honor
Dragon’s flight.
swirling wisps
of clouds behind.
Crimson fury
doth foes remind
Dragon Justice
is swift and pure.
A flame eternal,
Legends endure.
The Goddess smiles,
as truth prevails.
Darkness banished
by Dragon tales.


Gold Dragon by Kelly Krogman

Gold Dragon by Kelly Krogman


Comments on: "On Dragon’s Wings – Kelly Krogman" (2)

  1. drachenlady said:

    This is beautiful.
    While reading a picture formed in my mind and after reading it a second and third time this picture became clear and full of detail. A mighty dragon, a beautiful goddess, a blue sky and dark clouds rushing off in the distance. I can see it when I close my eyes and it is so mighty yet calming.

    • A very very good friend of mine (considered my brother) wrote this! Isn’t it divine?
      I’ve always loved it and I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! 🙂

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