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Keith Leslie The Canadian Press

Ontario’s Liberal government was branded “cruel and heartless” Thursday for scrapping a special diet allowance of up to $250 a month for people living on social assistance.

About 135,000 people who rely on welfare or disability-support payments received the allowance after a doctor certifies they have a medical condition requiring a special diet.

However, the Liberal government recently announced it would scrap the program and replace it with something yet to be determined, after the auditor general suggested the system was being abused.

Connie Harrison, a Toronto mom who gets $72 a month to buy fresh vegetables to help her diabetes and high blood pressure, said she is being forced to take drastic steps.

“I’ve cancelled my insurance policy that was going to pay for my burial and I will use that for veggies now,” Harrison told a news conference.

The Toronto Star – Click Here for more!!


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