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Dance the Dark Storm

Surging forward she strode in a determined, powerful, ground-gobbling pace.
A pace born of panic, an attempt to outrun.  To fly.
Her soul a wicked fury, matching the weather – blow by ferocious, vicious, sensual, blow.
Oblivious to the debris, empty pop cans, wrappers of ordinary life whirling by.
Mind absorbed in triple contemplation – hair a great, whipping force, unmanaged.
Three women, three loves, three lives.
As the great Oak roared her spirit name, swooping to grasp her spirit, she contemplated unaware.
Her crone self in the lullaby of love with the poet.
Her matron self in reflective love with the stable.
Her maiden in desperate, passionate love with the rascal.
Inner turmoil crashing through bruised heart, crushing – as great ancient branches do each other.
Fighting the need to smash with power, to destroy with abandon, to dance with joy, to laugh with delight.
Inner soul hysterical, breathless with this fiery need.
Need to feel, taste and become.
Need to eat ferociously, greedily of life, gasping for air.
Need to run, escape, and flee, on wing.
Windblown, tousled, and free.
All souls, all three, unfettered and impulsive.
Dance the Dark Storm.


Comments on: "Dance the Dark Storm" (2)

  1. beautifully written…a lot of inner movement in this and seems to heighten awareness of the question of balancing on that line of not knowing whether to hate or create out of a broad range of extreme emotions.

    • Thanks. 🙂 I was in a position of not knowing what to do when I wrote it…years ago. lol 🙂
      Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again! 🙂 Have a great day, please!

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