According to me…..

I met a new friend.  Not in person, but online.

We had the oddest chat.  I was convinced at first he was someone else, but he wasn’t.

We got to chatting and I got to looking through his blog…incredible.  Photography and poetry and other writings and a personality to go with it.  Maybe lives on the other side of the planet. lol  Funny world we live in where everyone is in your own home…. as a guest would be.  I love it.  I completely enjoyed this evening thanks to my new friend.  And I call him that knowing that he may not know we are friends, but I presume it, how can it be any other way?  So intelligent – I have to be friends with him…. because I’m like that.  If I like you – then you are my friend..that’s all. lol  And if I don’t?   Ha …. well, those who know me know how that goes.  😉

Loving life.


Comments on: "Wonderful Conversations." (2)

  1. And for the record? You don’t have any say. LOL

  2. I would expect no less.

    And I’m thankful for what it is. 🙂

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