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Rainbow Tales
The Beginning of Light

a point of light winked into, once. it cast about, illuminating choices.
other lights saw this and were amazed.

“how can a light shine forth?”, they asked.
“light is to be guarded at all costs. it must remain held within until it exists in name only.” the other lights proclaimed. some even gathered around the point of light. their light cast flickering shadows on. pulling close to the point of light, they began absorbing from the point of light’s castings. as they did this, their own light grew stronger. strangely, the stronger their light became, the more it cast back upon themselves. as it turned inward, their light transposed into unsettling shades of darker light.

the point of light was puzzled.

how was it possible to be light yet shed darkness?

why would it take light to create light?
did not light come from within?
did this not defy its very nature?

the point of light vexed much and considered often while the Goddess watched, concerned. the Goddess had shed many tears watching her children so she was well practiced in the art of instruction. She knew the paradox the point of light faced forbid easy solutions.

the goddess said to the point of light, “An It Harm None, Do As Ye Will.”

the point of light gazed at the Goddess. Her words were Serene yet Enigmatic. Truth shone from them in steady Power, bold shades deep with Confidence & Wisdom.

the point of light cast into Truth and was enabled. rainbows coalesced. the other points of light paused. the light they were absorbing had changed and they could no longer transpose it as they were accustomed. they cast about frantically, hoping to recover the familiar hue. they found instead hues of all saturations and values. they found uncountable choices and even choices within choices. this was the True nature of light, they realized. even as this dawned on them, their own light transposed rainbows too. they no longer required the sustenance of light as their only means of creating light.

the point of light cast about, harming none.

then it chose into the rainbows and began.

Written by Kelly Krogman!

Phoenix Knight - by Kelly Krogman

Phoenix Knight - by Kelly Krogman


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