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Laurie Monsebraaten
Social Justice Reporter

Ontario is scrapping the Special Diet Allowance that helps people on social assistance pay extra food costs related to specific medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Confirming the pre-budget fears of anti-poverty advocates, the Liberal government cited last fall’s provincial auditor’s report, which found evidence of abuse in the welfare-based program.

Instead, the budget is proposing a new nutritional supplement to be administered by the health ministry.

The allowance program that provides up to $250 per month and helps about one in five people on social assistance “is not sustainable and is not achieving the intended results,” budget documents say.

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Comments on: "Poverty Advocates Decry Loss of Diet Allowance" (2)

  1. Budget throws Ontario’s poor in limbo

    TORONTO, March 25 /CNW/ – The sting of recession and deep-seated poverty will continue for too many Ontarians who were left behind in today’s provincial budget, says 25 in 5 Network for Poverty Reduction.

    “While the provincial government held the line on some poverty reduction promises, it has thrown 162,000 Ontarians with special dietary needs into limbo by announcing the replacement of the Special Diet program with another initiative – the details of which are yet to be worked out,” says 25 in 5 co-chair Michael Creek.

    “There are a lot of unanswered questions about the adequacy of the new nutrition supplement.”

    Creek acknowledged the government’s decision to raise social assistance rates by 1%, but criticized it for falling short of need. It amounts to a paltry $5.85 a month for a single person on Ontario Works.

    “That’s not even enough to take a return TTC trip in Toronto,” Creek says. “That’s playing small at a time when the province needs to step up.”

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    25 in 5 Network – at Newswire

  2. What they didn’t mention in this article – we went to City Hall after the lock up – and they said in the fall there will be a %1 increase for social assistance recipients…they don’t tell you that the %1 increase is a replacement for the usual %2 for social assistance…it is not on top of the yearly raise.
    They also don’t mention here that the new diet plan is to replace the old for ODSP – except that now to get this you have to go to the health ministry and re-apply for medical reasons they now allow – people who are already on the special diet are not grandfathered into the new plan.
    They told us how there will be so many more jobs expected because of the new HST, the pan am games, the summit, and world pride….but they still expect some huge number of new people on assistance. They started out by saying that the recession is over – then produced a huge number of new people as a reason that they can’t afford to raise rates for existing clients

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