According to me…..

Well today should be interesting!  Let’s hope it’s sunny, too!  Because yesterday was divine!
I’m going to Old  City Hall later for a Community Budget Watch at Toronto City Hall members’ lounge starting at 4pm, hosted by 25 by 5.  Who’d have thunk  lol  We are going to hand out flyers and such… everyone is invited!  100 Queen Street West… It only goes until 5:30.  😉
Last Monday I went to Ryerson for a talk by CASSA… it was really great.  We saw a show put on by the *Down and Outs*… a group of young folks that get together by Jane and Finch and discuss their situations.  They made us write poetry.  lol  And then some speakers.  Our refugee status in Canada is horrid…by the by.  The entire day was about equality for women, youth, Asian peoples, LGBTTIQQ2S.  🙂
So I’m on coffee number two!  And the day is lovely so far… so bring it!  😛

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