According to me…..

Great Program!

So Mike found me a wonderful program!

I burn movies…I burn LOTS of movies.  lol  I just type the names onto a notepad document.  Of course, with plans to one day move them onto excel or something equally exasperating – in order that I can locate said movies at a glance.  lol

Well, now I have it all!  It’s called Blue Mirror and it’s marvelous!

You simply insert a DVD and it lets you tell it where you can find it later – ex.  Wallet 01 – Disc 01 – that’s about all you have to type in, give it a location – and shazam!  Takes about three seconds per DVD – it lists what is on it, creates a database and off you go.  So you insert DVD, type W1-01 on the program, and write it on your disc – and put it in the right place!  I have organized nearly one hundred DVDs this morning in about half hour..and the rest will have to wait til I get more holders.  Sooo loving it!

It’s freeware…you can get it here!


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