According to me…..

Ha ha…. sitting here quiet as can be… having my coffee, blog surfing (or trolling lol) and then the train down the road starts toot, tooting in a far off muffled way,  and a gaggle of geese fly overhead.  lol  Honking happily away.  NOW I feel like spring is here!!  I’d have taken pix to add to this, but they were over the building and not where I could see them.  lol

Ah yes…. getting up too early is the best – since I cannot be up all night any more as is my wish… then being up too early has to do.  I love being up before the world around me starts to hustle and bustle.  All in a big hurry to get nowhere fast…. morning is slow, relaxed, calm.  Contemplation, private laughs, hot coffee – no phone calls or texts – and my room mate snoring in the living room.  LOL  But that’s ok.  Better than in the bedroom where I sleep!!!  lol

So today I get to go downtown and hear a speaker on lgbttiqq2 rights at Ryerson, put on by Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA).  An anti poverty action conference…  Susan who runs the volunteer thing I do has offered me half her day with a ticket she got!  I’m looking forward to it!

And the bonus?  I get to go where there are good opportunities for taking photogs. 🙂  Yay to that!

Ok, coffee number two?  Oh yes…. 🙂

Have a most wonderful day, please!

Downtown Buildings

Downtown Buildings

Same place

Same place


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