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Serenity Rainbow Sig 2008 by Kelly Krogman!

Serenity Rainbow Sig 2008 by Kelly Krogman!

Have a phenomenal day, please!


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  1. I haven’t popped on here in a while…did ad a new blog, but hadn’t been over to your page in forever with using Fb…and haven’t been on that really becasue of no internent at home sometimes….sometimes alot.
    Anyway,…..i saw quite i bit of flags being presented today and after they were all placed in holders along the stage,…i thought it looked like a rainbow, which then made me think of you and also made me think of the fact that there should be no individual national flag. the national flag colors that should be flown are all the colors…a rainbow flag in unity that we are all one people created in one fashion living and sharing the earth in the spirit of harmony and love….well,…those werre my thoughts….LOL…doubtful i will see this happen…
    also…i love you…. hope you are well and doing good and will shout at you via FB later if i go home and find i have internet….

    • Hey there Sweetheart!
      We were wondering where you had gotten to! Great to hear from you!
      And yes, rainbows as flags! UNITED! lol 😉 I’m glad rainbows make you think of me… lol It could always be worse! 🙂
      Much love to you Sweets!! xoxo

  2. Loving the new look – shizzle!!

    Respect and Peace!

    • Me too!!! I love it! This was the sort of thing I wanted in the beginning but couldn’t find anything all rainbowy and happy. lol
      Makes me grin. 🙂


  3. I got your pix! 🙂 They came in under your ancient princess addy, but also with your name on them, Tamara. 🙂

    And by the way – you are gorgeous… just saying! lol 🙂 Thanks for the pix!!!

    Please have a most super duper day!

  4. i forgot to say to look for he pictures on your hotmail addy from ancient.princess hotmail addy…me…Tamara… i didn’t use the in_truth account to send them…pics are from my phone.
    now off to bath and bed….yawn…;)

  5. I thought to try and send you recent pictures…let’s see if you can paste…if not I will email them…
    here goes….
    nope can’t paste,…will email.

    enjoy the sunday evening! 🙂

  6. Hello, lovely!
    I hope the day is going splendidly for you. Mt sister is up from the south and and I am cooking dinner. It is the first time we have seen each other since Thanksgiving last year! So, is very nice. I just wanted to stop and say that I am greatful for your rainbow wishes and intellectual, friendly comments on my blog. so,….THANKS! 😀
    have a grand evening!

    • You are so beautiful! Thank you for you post, you are so wonderful and I love your blog. 🙂
      I’m sure hoping your night is wonderful with your sister. 😉 It’s so important to have folks we love close to us. 🙂
      Did you know… lol … that was my grandmother’s name? I never knew your name until now, and that’s my fave grandmother’s name. 🙂
      Well, nearly. lol It was Tamar. So anyone with the name Tamara gets a soft spot in my heart right off. … you already had that. 🙂 Just saying. 🙂
      Love to you! 🙂

  7. Well good morning to you!!! 🙂 It’s lovely to get up and get a message first thing. 🙂

    Well thank you. lol 🙂 Sometimes not very much happens in my life. Ha. 🙂 And if you believe that….. lol

    I love the quote!!! 🙂 And that is maybe why there don’t seem to be personal bloggies lately – I did a couple but they were pretty strong and had to be hidden. Ha ha…goes great with your quote though. lol 🙂

    Have a most wonderful day! xo

  8. Hello! I hope all is well with you today! I am happy to see you are so motivated with doing so much to help others, but… I am actually going to say that I miss seeing some of your other blogs as well and your great pics of the everyday things we miss or overlook. I am not complaining :). I am merely stating something that went through my mind. Oh,… and I came across a quote that reminded me of you,…so, you go!
    “Don’t be afraid of showing your feelings; be afraid of regretting it when you didn’t.” — Laura Springer
    Isn’t that so?
    Well, dearie, I send you a smile and keep up the good work!

  9. Why, thank you Sir… I will certainly try!!! 🙂

  10. LOL. i’ll try to.
    you have a great day too

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