According to me…..

On a small sidestreet..

Wall of Abuse - Gerrard near Coxwell.

Support for Survivors

Support for Survivors

Time Is On Our Side

Time Is On Our Side

This is a wall of abuse – it is made up of small carvings – of what surviving or abuse means to people.  I believe it’s made up of children’s carvings.  It’s just off Gerrard, near Coxwell – on a small side street – maybe on Rhodes…. it was 2008 I found it.  It’s very powerful and some of the art is so well done.  It was a real treasure to find, and for such a painful reason.


Comments on: "Wall of Abuse – Gerrard and Coxwell." (2)

  1. It’s funny – from far away it looks like an atrocity. lol It’s in a driveway – or appears to be..until you get close up. I think it was a really small church – but it is in their driveway…. and when you get close up it’s amazing. I saw it a few times and wondered…then of course…camera in hand – I had to know what it was. 🙂

  2. it does look like a good stautue.
    with a real message.
    nice find

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