According to me…..

Well, it’s a gorgeous looking day out there…. ostensibly.  LOL

New word of the day.  A columnist (Ian Geillespie) for the Toronto Sun wrote a wee article, on March 6, on the things we should know but have forgotten / blanked out…gapped on.  And this word started it off.  Of course I had to go and look up all the things he said he forgot because it’s true… it’s things we should know..but for some reason we don’t… and that is true for more than just he or I.  I would supply a link, but it appears they’ve only updated to early Feb on their site.  The article was rather amusing.  I don’t normally read the Sun…I get it for the crossword – but I had time..and I’m glad I read this one!

I emailed him the answers.  Ha ha.

Now… what to do with the rest of this most glorious looking day?????


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