According to me…..

I’m so tired.

HE has sleep apnea…HE snores.  I can’t sleep.  I’ve been up all night AGAIN.  I may have to cancel my life, two appointments today – AGAIN.  I’m so blinking tired.  I can’t sleep in the chair in the living room..totally hard and uncomfy.  I tried.

I get that it isn’t his fault, and he’s in the process of going to the docs for help – but in the meantime… I’M TIRED.  lol  And that means I ‘m cranky.  And I get that it’s actually a health hazard for him, my poor roomy…. BUT… I’M TIRED.

He is just going to have to move his bed out into the living room… I can’t do this anymore… it’s defenestration time!!!

Would it be wrong to smother, errr, I mean muffle him with a pillow.  Groan.


Comments on: "OMGifidon’tgetsomesleepi’mdefenistrating!" (3)

  1. Oh happy day! We moved his bed to the living room and mine is in the bedroom and I CAN SLEEP!!! 🙂

  2. Ah, thanks girlie.

    My day finally ended…. went to both meetings…and some. Then rush hour to get home. I even made it early enough for breakfast (but I didn’t eat) this morning!!! Heh.

    Did a lot of creative things today though…. Decorated a bulletin board, wrote a new song… lots of stuff. … and now it’s done and I NEED SLEEP. lol I’m beat, but all in all? Glad I went out and glad I kept my appointments and really really glad to be home. 🙂

  3. sarah knowles said:

    i feel for you trace its so frustrating when u dont get ur proper rest!!

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