According to me…..

Always Suffering – Rolling Stones

[A] [Dsus2] [E] [Dsus2] [E] [A]
[A] [Dsus2] [E] [Dsus2] [E] [A]

Let’s take a walk
Just you and me
[E]   [Dsus2]  [A]
And talk of days gone by
Across the fields
under the trees
[E]  [Dsus2] [A]
Let’s speak of you and I
While the whole world
Was wandering
[E]   [Dsus2] [A]
We walked a steady line

[E]         [Dsus2]
When all our friends


Were wavering
We kept on trying

[A]   [D]    [E]

Now we’re always suffering
[A]Al[D]ready [E]lost
[A]Al[D]ways [E]suffering
[A]Al[D]ready [E]lost

Remember [A]when
On summer [Dsus2]days
I would [E]sing a [Dsus2]lovers[E]song
How you would [A]smile
Shower me with [Dsus2]praise
And the [E]sun [Dsus2]shined[A]on

Now the [E]rain is [Dsus2]falling [A]slow
And the [E]nights [Dsus2]grow [A]long
And the [E]train
Cries [Dsus2]out so[D]hauntingly
She is [E]gone

Now we’re [A]al[D]ways [E]suffering
[A]Al[D]ready [E]lost
[A]Al[D]ways [E]suffering
[A]Al[D]ready [E]lost

Please take these [A]flowers
Smell the [Dsus2]perfume
Let your [E]soul [Dsus2]come [A]alive
Let there be [A]hope
Hope in your [Dsus2]heart
That our [E]love [Dsus2]may [A]reviiaiaiaive

For [E]life is [Dsus2]but a [A]chance
On A [E]wind [Dsus2]swept [A]hill
And the [E]seeds of [Dsus2]love
Are [D]swirling above
Let them be [E]still

Now we’re [A]al[D]ways [E]suffering

[A][D]   [E]
Already lost
[A]Al[D]ways [E]suffering
[A]Al[D]ready [E]lost

||  [A] [D] [E]  😐
until fade out


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