According to me…..

Good Morning!

It’s all wet out and it’s snowing again.  I have a lovely warm coffee…and I’m thinking – “well, isn’t this nice”… from Allanis Morrisette’s song.  Lol  Without the ironic bits.  Just the “isn’t this nice” part.  😀

The moon was nearly full last night, but too far away to get a good pic… got some pix of it in the daytime, just before the sun went down.  I’ll post one. 🙂  And now, I go…have a wonderful day, please!

Last Night's Moon

Last Night's Moon


Comments on: "Good Morning!" (4)

  1. Well, it is in some places. 😀

    Hello and welcome! 🙂

    Hope you have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE. witty of me.
    I loved it, just saying. 🙂

    Kseverny’s Blog

  2. ooh, is it that time already.

  3. Ha, see? That’s what I meant when we talked last night… I never know if you are up or sleeping! The time difference is odd. lol But sleep deeply, dream sweetly my friend. 🙂
    And yes, please, don’t miss the Olympics!!!
    I think you are their biggest fan! lol

    Love T. 🙂

  4. Kelly said:

    Good night… I’m up too late here on the west coast, but now is time for sleep. Many chores on Saturday, plus a big day for Olympic medals and I want to watch some of that!

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